Karrys Design

CFR Corporation

CFR (Continuous Flow Recycling) Corporation is truly the best of the best when it comes to carpet extracting. In an industry always struggling to conserve more water, CFR's technology is far ahead of the game. With units that use 7 times less water than traditional extractors, far less harsh chemicals but still clean more efficiently their competitors can't keep up. 

CFR manufactures a product truly ahead of its time. For this exciting brand project, they turned to us for a new website, marketing campaign and print material. Our efforts far exceeded their expectations. Now CFR dealers have access to every bit of material they need to be successful in the cleaning industry. CFR's new content management system has enabled them easily manage their product database, as well as any training material or sales material dealers need for their own customers. With a consistent email campaign, dealers get the latest updates on additions to their new website.